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Small, long-lasting glass baby bottles, in 3.5 oz, 4 oz, 5 oz, 7 oz or 8 oz sizes offers a pleasurable and simple feeding experience for infant and parent. These bottles are perfect for retaining heat and nice-to-grip.

A 3 - 6 pack of glass baby feeding bottles for nursing babies to newborns are perfect as a substitution for those that wish to avoid plastic baby bottles, while feeding time is still safe and comfortable for an infant. In addition, glass bottles are recyclable, easy-to-clean and BPA-free products.

One popular option is the series of Evenflo glass baby bottles - a compact, simple to clean and assemble bottle with cap ring, nipple cap, and nipple included. The CustomFlow Nurser is perfect for babies or infants who are at present unable to hold their bottle. These glass bottles also retain cold and heat well, as well as avoiding staining, so clean up is a simple process. In addition, as these tempered bottles are clear it is possible to gauge the volume of liquid consumed.

The CustomFlow Nurser is equipped with a flexible, soft silicone nipple, which responds to the pressure of an infants sucking, while miniature air vents assist in a even flow, and helps in reducing gas. A bottle with slow flow nipple is perfect for babies up to 3 months.

Common features to these glass baby bottles include sensitive nipples to promote an even air flow, a clear container, a nipple with high tensive strength, molded ribs for ease in handling , milliliter and ounce markings and often save for breast milk storage. Bottles can also be encased with a soft sleeve to offer impact resistance and to avoid hand slippage.

A glass baby bottle offers a comfortable feeding experience, with an ability to reduce gas, burping, colic symptoms, and spit up, resulting in a more comfort, and eliminating excess air ingestion and vacuum.

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